For Your Awareness

For Your Situational Awareness – Rules of Engagement at Okuma

Gate Closure:

Monday – Thursday • 0000-0500

Saturday – Sunday • 0100-0500 (to include holidays/down days)

Quiet Hours:

0200 – 0600 Hillside

2200 – 0600 The rest of Okuma

Loud Noise complaints:

o   1st offense:   Briefed on quiet hours

o   2nd offense:  Removal warning

o   3rd offense:  Security Forces will escort of premises

Driving Rules for Okuma:  (Kadena Air Base Traffic Instruction (KABI) 31-218 applies at Okuma)

Additional Instruction when Driving Golf Carts at Okuma:

–          All drivers will have a SOFA license

–          No drinking and driving

–          No open alcohol containers in the golf cart

–          All passengers will remain seated when the vehicle is in motion

–          Do not drive golf carts off Okuma Recreation Facility

–          Make appropriate hand signals when turning

–          Follow all posted speed limit stay on main roads

–          Children under 4 yrs. old must be held by a non-driving adult while the vehicle is in motion

Prohibited Areas:

–          Hillside off-limit construction area

–          Hillside off-limit sea wall area

–          Bldg. 206

–          Construction staging area near Bldg. 206

–          Equipment staging area at the flightline

Prohibited Activities/Items:

–          No glass bottles of any kind (Alcohol/Non-alcohol)

–          No Drones/Small Unmanned Aircraft System

–          No pets unless you have a pet friendly room reserved.  Violators will be denied entry/escorted off recreation site.

–          Fireworks

–          Privately owned motorized watercrafts

–          Spear guns/Spear fishing

COVID Guidelines:

–          Okuma follows/adheres to any current and new CSD guidelines released by the 18th FW  (

Notes From the Security Forces, Superintendent:

o   Traffic Citation issued (Traffic violations)

o   Members can be apprehended (Any UCMJ violations)

o   Members can be escorted off Okuma, with no refund

o   Leadership chain of commands will be notified when there are violations of rules

Okuma is a beautiful place but we also want you to be safe, considerate of others, responsible and have fun while building your resiliency as you continue the United States Forces Japan (USFJ) mission.